Ultimate tips on how to get rid of bed head fast
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Ultimate Tips on How to Get Rid of Bed Head Fast

Are you suffering from a bad hair day? Did you wake up and found your hair unruly, tousled and with strands sticking out in different ways? If that’s the case, you, my friend, is suffering from a bad case of bed head.

This is common with people who prefer to shower at night so they can save time prepping up in the morning. If you are one of these people, you might be asking—does this mean that I would have to deal with bed head all my life?

The answer here is plain and simple—of course not! That’s because there are plenty of ways on how to get rid of bed head (if you are already suffering from one) and of course, more techniques on how to prevent this hair issue so that you would not have to suffer from it ever again.

How to Get Rid of Bed Head

Woke up with a bad case of bed head? Don’t worry; there are plenty of ways on how to get rid of bed head in just a few minutes! These are as follows:

Technique #1: With Water

If you have time to deal with wet hair, this is the easiest and most effective option that you can try. This technique works best for short to medium hair.

What You Will Need:

  • Spray bottle
  • Water
  • Blow-dryer
  • Comb
  • Hair mousse or gel
  • Hairspray

Step #1: Wet your hair.

You can wet your hair in two ways. You can fill the spray bottle with water and spray it onto the affected sections of your hair. Another easy way to do it is to wet your comb then comb it through your hair.

Wet your hair
Wet your hair

Keep in mind that the hair should not be dripping wet. It should just be wet enough for the bed head to be reversed.

Wetting your hair can help break up the chemical bonds which are holding them in place. As a result, your bed head can be remedied with this simple step.

Step #2: Apply the gel or mousse.

These products will make your hair easier to comb and style. As you apply these products, make sure to focus on the affected area so you can put unruly hair back in its place.

Step #3: Blow dry your hair.

Use a round brush to style the hair as you blow dry it. You can also try combing your hair from the roots to the strands first so you can easily style it.

Pro Tip: If you have a natural hair comb, it is best that you use it for this step. This type of comb reduces static that may come as a result of the friction between the comb and hair. Because of that, this comb can distribute natural oils from your scalp to your strands while keeping it frizz-free.

Step #4: Keep hair in place with the use of hairspray.

Apply hairspray on the top portion of your hair to secure it.

Pro Tip: To avoid the unnatural plastic look, spritz the spray a few feet away from your head.

Technique #2: Using Styling Tools

Bedhead on longer hair is easier to deal with as it hides bed head better. Despite this, you would still need reinforcements—styling tools!

What You Will Need:

  • Spray bottle with water
  • Comb or Brush
  • Flat iron or curling iron
  • Hairspray

Step #1: Again, wet your hair.

Following the first step of the first technique, wet your hair by spraying it with water or wetting your comb and running it through your hair. If you are in a hurry, blow dry it. But if you have time spare, simply wring it with a shirt or multifiber towel and wait for it to air dry.

Again, wet your hair
Again, wet your hair

Step #2: Brush your hair.

Brush your hair so it would be easier for you to style it.

Step #3: Style your hair.

If you are pressed for time, you can skip the first two steps and go straight to this. With the use of either a curling or flat iron, you can create movements in your hair that will correct bed head and cowlicks.

Run the styling tool on any flat spots. You can straighten the bends of your hair, or you can add bouncy curls to conceal its appearance. The great thing about this is that you do not have to style your entire hair. You can simply focus on the areas where the bed head appears.

Pro Tip: You can also use hair bands, pins, and other accessories to tame your bed head.

Step #4: Finish it off with hairspray.

Raise your hair and apply hair a mist of hairspray at the hair near your scalp. This will help add body and hide your bed head even more.

Technique #3: Without Styling Tools (and Water!)

Now, if you do not have the time to wet your hair or use styling tools to address bed head, this is the best option that you have.

What You Will Need:

  • Wide-tooth comb
  • Baby Powder or Dry Shampoo
  • Bristle brush
  • Olive Oil or hair shine product

Step #1: Comb your hair.

Using a wide-tooth comb, try to remove the knots and tangles of your messy hair. After this, you would notice a few hair strands that stick up. You can get rid of this by running a boar bristle brush on your hair.

If you want to know how to comb your bed head, please watch this video:

Step #2: Remove excess oil from your hair.

While you sleep, the oil and grease build up on your hair, and you need to get rid of those in the morning. You can do that by applying a small sprinkling of baby powder to your scalp. Massage it into the roots and dust the excess powder. This product can help absorb excess oil.

If you do not like the white dust that the powder tends to leave behind, you can also remove oil and grease from hair with the use of dry shampoo. This is a hair product that is designed to make your look and feel fresher and cleaner without the need to wet it.

Step #3: Add volume to your hair.

You can do this without any styling tools. All that you need to do is to use a comb to tease the roots of your hair and add lift to it. Afterwards, flip your head upside down then brush it from the scalp to the ends for more volume.

Here’s a video on how to properly tease your hair:

Step #4: Add shine to your locks.

Once you have achieved the right volume for your hair, pour a drop or two of olive oil or any hair shine product to your palm then apply it evenly at the tips of your hair. This will not just add shine to your hair; it would seal in split ends as well.

How to Prevent Bed Head

We are all no strangers to the case of bed head. We all have suffered from this at one point or another. But there’s good news. Did you know that there are plenty of ways on how you can prevent bed head? Yes, there are! Here are some of them:

Don’t sleep with wet hair.

Your hair is at its most vulnerable state when it is wet. Because of this, going to bed with damp hair puts it at great risk of breaking and splitting as you toss and turn at night. That is why it is important that you dry your hair (air or blow dry it) before you go to sleep.

If you are already too sleepy or have no time to dry your hair at night, you can wrap your hair with either t-shirt or microfiber turban and tuck it in until the next morning. The material of the shirt and the turban is a lot less abrasive and more forgiving than that of a towel.

Apply a leave-in conditioner.

Dry hair is more prone to bed head than a healthy one. If your hair is already dry and damaged, the best thing that you can do is hydrate and repair it. You can give it what it needs by applying a leave-in treatment before going to bed. By doing this, you will allow the moisture to seep into your hair longer without any distractions or hindrances.

With this, you can enjoy a healthy and more hydrated hair the next day. If you do not have any hair mask, you can try applying a moderate amount of coconut oil on your hair then cover it with either a scarf or shower cap to protect your pillowcase.

Turn on your humidifier.

Using a humidifier is a great idea regardless of the season. In the winter, the heating system can dry out your hair. The same thing is done by an air conditioner during summer.

A humidifier can provide moisture in the air, keeping your hair hydrated and less prone to breakage and bed head.

Invest in a silk pillowcase.

We know that cotton or flannel sheets are a lot more affordable, but these materials may cause more friction against the hair which will cause bed head the next day and damage eventually.

Invest in a silk pillowcase
Invest in a silk pillowcase

If you want to reduce frizz, maintain the smoothness of your hair, and prevent bed head, you need to invest in a satin pillowcase as it will not create any friction against the hair. This material is also known for reducing wrinkle development, so it is indeed a great investment.

Brush hair before going to bed.

If you want to avoid unruly hair in the morning, the best thing that you can do is to tame it by brushing it at night. Brushing offers plenty of benefits to the hair. It evenly distributes moisture and oil from the scalp to the strands, removes remaining hair product and preps your hair for the next day.

Moisturize the ends of your hair.

What you should understand about bed head is that it starts with the ends of your hair. Take a closer look at your hair when you are suffering from bed head. Oftentimes, the top portion of your hair would look normal, but the bottom part would be frizzy and dry.

To remedy that, the best thing that you can do is to moisturize your ends at night before you go to sleep.

Secure your ‘do.

Are you trying to preserve a gorgeous hairstyle for the next day? You can do that by securing your hair with either a scarf, bonnet or a lined cap.

If you have long hair, twist it into a bun.

As mentioned, it is the ends of our hair that causes damage and bed head in the morning. To protect the ends, it is recommended that you pull your hair back, twist it into a bun then tie it up.

The next day, remove the hair tie, let your hair loose then brush it. Apply a leave-in conditioner to get rid of fly away and stray hairs.

Use a neck roll pillow.

The best neck roll pillow does not just eliminate neck pain while you sleep. This type of pillow would also come handy in preventing bed head. Since this type of pillow only provides support to your neck and does not come in contact with your hair, it can minimize the frizz and bend that are the characteristics of the classic bed head.

Use a neck roll pillow
Use a neck roll pillow

In Summary

We will suffer from bed head at one time or another, but there are lots of things that you can do to fix and prevent it. The three ways on how to get rid of bed head that we have provided can help you turn any bad hair day to a good one in an instant!

If you have more tips or information about bed head that you would like to share with us, please leave a comment below!

Exercise as a way of life
Healthy Tips

Exercise as A Way of Life

We are all well versed with the fantastic benefits of exercise. Despite this, why are still many of us not leading a physically active lifestyle? This may be since our busy lives make it difficult for us to make exercise a habit.

A lot of us have probably tried sticking to the habit of exercising but to no avail. Well, it is about time that you invest your time and effort in practicing an active lifestyle. Here are some tips on how to make exercise a way of life:

Choose an exercise that you can actually enjoy.

Many people decide to exercise to experience its benefits—not to enjoy it. But what if we tell you that you can do both? With the vast array of exercise options available, choosing an exercise that you enjoy is most certainly possible.

Choose an exercise that you can actually enjoy
Choose an exercise that you can actually enjoy

When you are doing an exercise that you love, it will be easier for you to be motivated to stick to your exercise goals and habits. You will not just be forced to become physically active—you would be dedicated to it as well.

Make it rewarding.

Many people get tired of exercising simply because they see it as torture or punishment to themselves. If this is the case, you will feel dread with just the simple thought of exercising. After all, there’s no use in trying to achieve goals if you will not get something good in return, right?

Well, it is up to you to make this challenge rewarding. You can do this by setting goals and thinking of the different ways on how you can reward yourself when you achieve them. Some of the most common exercise rewards include giving yourself a cheat day. You can also try making a small purchase like a bag, clutch or anything that you fancy.

Establish a support system.

Are you doing this exercise thing alone? If yes, then you are more prone to quitting than persevering. It is true that you are the one responsible for your successes and failures, but if you want to be fully committed to having an active lifestyle, you need to seek outside help.

Establish a support system
Establish a support system

This is the reason why you should establish a support system or a group of people that would hold you responsible for your actions and will encourage, support and motivate you to become the fittest person that you can be.

In Summary

Why is it hard for us to make exercise a way of life? That is because of our busy schedules and stressful lives. But no matter how busy you are, you must try to find fun ways on how to make the habit of exercise stick. May the tips that we have provided above help you make exercise as a way of life.

Healthy Tips

Things You Should Know About Starting Chemotherapy

Are you going to undergo chemotherapy for the months to come? If yes, it is important that you understand the ins and outs along with the side effects of this treatment so you would be prepared for all the things that you may experience.

For sure, you are feeling anxious, and lots of questions are running through your mind. If that’s the case, it is vital that you express all your concerns to your doctor so he can help you to address your fears.

In general, the oncologist will already share with you the information on the drugs that you are going to take and their possible side effects. But if you want to be ready for what’s about to come during the course of your treatment, here are some critical information that you need to know:

Not all chemotherapy drugs can cause hair loss.

People think that all people undergoing chemotherapy will lose their hair. This is one of the biggest fears of people who will undergo chemotherapy. But you should understand the fact that not all chemo drugs can cause hair loss.

Not all chemotherapy drugs can cause hair loss
Not all chemotherapy drugs can cause hair loss

You losing your hair will depend on the combination of drugs that you will get and your body’s response to these drugs. Other common chemotherapy side effects are diarrhea, vomiting, body pains and aches, loss of appetite, mouth sores, loss of smell, taste, and appetite.

You will be at risk of infection.

Chemotherapy is a treatment that involves killing cancer cells. Sadly, this treatment may also affect your healthy cells too. Because of this, your immune system will be compromised, putting you at risk of infection.

If you have experienced different signs and symptoms of infection (nasal congestion, chills and sweats, cough, mouth sore, sore throat, shortness of breath, stiff neck, painful urination, inflammation, and diarrhea), it is a must that you notify your doctor right away.

Chemotherapy can induce menopause and its symptoms.

If you are a woman at a premenopausal age, there is a chance that undergoing chemotherapy can make you experience different menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes. The severity of hot flashes that you will feel may range from moderate to severe.

Chemotherapy can induce menopause and its symptoms
Chemotherapy can induce menopause and its symptoms

Hydration should be your main priority.

Drugs used in this type of therapy tend to dry out your body tissues. If you want to stay hydrated and maintain the optimal functions of your body, you should stay hydrated. It is recommended that you drink 8 ounces of water every hour after your infusion. You should also avoid consuming drinks containing caffeine as this may cause you to lose more water.

Aside from keeping the body hydrated, drinking water can also help flush out chemo drugs from your body so you can recover and feel better faster.

In Summary

Battling cancer is not an easy feat. Although most types of cancer can be treated with chemotherapy, this treatment comes with a lot of difficulties and side effects which can make your life a lot harder.

By equipping yourself with valuable information about chemotherapy, you can better prepare yourself with all the issues you may experience during the treatment period.

5 ways to boost your immune system
Healthy Tips

5 Ways to Boost Your Immune System

What we eat, how we think and what we do on a daily basis can significantly affect the efficiency of our immune system. If you wish to boost your immune system, you should make sure that your diet, lifestyle and thought process are all beneficial and won’t be counterproductive to it.

To ensure that, here are 5 of the best ways to boost your immune system:

1. Laugh.

As they say, laughter is the best medicine. This is because laughing out loud will not just make you feel better. This simple act also boosts the levels of antibodies in the blood. In fact, studies also show that it can also increase the number of antibodies, specifically in the mucus produced in the nasal and respiratory passages which are the primary entry point for most bacteria.

Moreover, laughter can also boost the amount of white blood cells which also help in attacking bacteria and viruses.

2. Go get moving.

We are well aware of the amazing benefits of exercise, but not many of us are not familiar with the fact that exercise can also boost the immune system by stimulating the production of blood cells which defend the body from bacterial attack.

We are well aware of the amazing benefits of exercise
We are well aware of the amazing benefits of exercise

One important thing to take note of is that the more frequently you exercise, the longer lasting the positive changes will be. In fact, studies show that people who exercise for five to six days a week suffer 50% less frequent than people who don’t exercise at all.

3. Maintain a healthy diet.

The food that you eat can make or break your immune system. If you want to ensure that your immune system will be strong enough to keep you healthy and disease-free, you should consume an antioxidant-rich diet made up of fruits and vegetables. Antioxidants are substances that can counteract the effect free radicals which may cause signs of aging in the body.

Moreover, you should prioritize healthy fats (from nuts, oils, and fishes) instead of oversaturated fats (which you can find in dairy products, meats, and other greasy foods). Healthy fats are known to boost the production of the compounds that regulate the immune system.

Also, you can also try incorporating a few spices like garlic (which has antibacterial and antiviral properties) and ginger (which has anti-inflammatory properties) in your diet.

Last but not least, you should drink plenty of water so your body can stay hydrated. Adequate hydration in the body promotes the proper functioning of all our bodily systems, especially our immune system.

4. Rest.

When we are at rest, we do nothing, but it is at this time that our body is able to facilitate the busy process of recovery. While you are having your quiet time, your immune system is doing its work.

If you do not get enough sleep or rest, your immune system won’t be able to function as intended. That is why you feel tired and weary when you lack sleep. You will also be vulnerable to common illnesses like cough and cold.

When we are at rest, we do nothing, but it is at this time that our body is able to facilitate the busy process of recovery
When we are at rest, we do nothing, but it is at this time that our body is able to facilitate the busy process of recovery

5. Practice good hygiene.

Bacteria enter our body through our skin, nose, mouth, eyes, and many more. If you want to protect these body parts, the best thing that you can do is to practice good personal hygiene habits to prevent infection and avoid its spread throughout the body.

These habits are as follows:

  • Wash your hands with soap and water frequently.
  • Cover your mouth and nose when you sneeze or cough.
  • Clean and bandage any wounds or cuts.
  • Avoid touching your nose, mouth, and eyes unless completely necessary.

In Summary

Keeping your immune system up and running is not an easy thing to do. In fact, the older you get, the higher the chances that your immune system will get weaker. That is why it is crucial that you do your best to make sure that your immune system will be at its tip-top condition as early as now.